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The world’s first
3D printed
fiberglass boat

Designed and 3D printed by our team, Moi Composites, using innovative robotic machines and advanced composite material in a unique shape, MAMBO (Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat) is the first boat of its kind and demonstrates the next generation of design and manufacturing.


production limitations

We searched for a cool, unique shaped boat, and discovered that new designs are impossible to realize with current manufacturing methods. Composite boat production today is expensive as long as it requires molds, a waste of time and material, and is limited to standard shapes.


3D printing
a real boat

Since no other company was offering the boat we were dreaming of, we made our very own. MAMBO was developed with patented Continuous Fiber Manufacturing technology, a process innovation combining advanced material and 3D printing with robots to make strong, powerful, lightweight products on demand, mold free and waste free.



To help make MAMBO a reality, we partnered with companies leading in software and automation, advanced materials and marine.

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Autodesk makes software for people who make things. Autodesk helped Moi creating a unique software workflow and helped Moi to control the process in every printing step. With access to the Autodesk Technology Center in Birmingham, UK and the help of Autodesk Engineers, a unique and remote workflow was created.

The Mark Challenge 2020

Luxury Business Plan Competition

Special Award in Yachting

Design Innovation Award 2020

Premio speciale all'innovazione

MAMBO - Motor Additive Manufacturing Boat


A new wave
of manufacturing

6.5 meters long and 800 kg, MAMBO was impossible to bring to life with traditional manufacturing.

Our cutting-edge technology proves that both real and visionary products can be 3D printed any time, any place, any shape. That’s our vision.

Print it real
with CFM technology!

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