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moi does

moi will help you:

_to imagine a new product in composite material

_if you need a tailor-made part

_if you need to obtain an object today impossible to realize with conventional techniques

_if you need superior performances and lightweight

_if you just want to know more

moi services also include:

Research, design and development of systems and parts, from concept to production phase, combining digital manufacturing and traditional technologies.

Consultancy for all additive manufacturing technology, research base programs and technical economic evaluation.

Manufacture objects as one-off parts or small series combining our proprietary process with other additive manufacturing technologies or traditional manufacturing processes.

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moi uses a proprietary additive manufacturing technology, Continuous Fiber Manufacturing - CFM - capable of 3D print high performances thermosetting composites parts combining robotic intelligence with digital fabrication.

Without mold.
Every object can be different from the others, and its shape shall not rely on mold constrictions. This opens new possibilities for the production of unique objects tailored on the beneficiary's needs.

With internal cores.
Internal reinforcements can be designed to sustain the loads. They will be realized congruently to the additive manufacturing process, overcoming compatibility problems.

Smart material deposition.
Thanks to smart optimization algorithms, location and orientation of the fibers are calculated to obtain the maximum performance using the minimum material, reducing wheight.

Multi fiber and matrix.
Different fibers of different materials, size and characteristics as well as different resins, can be used on the same manufactured part.

It’s easily scalable.
Industrial robots exist in various sizes and payloads, and they can be combined with 3, or more, axis gantry machines to reach unimaginable spans and movements freedom.


moi indruduces the extreme mechanical performances of advanced thermosetting composite materials to additive manufacturing.

moi is able to 3D print fibers of various size and nature as well as different resins combining chemical and physical characteristics.

The principal elements in a thermoset composite retain their unique identities as they do not soften or merge completely into each other while acting together to provide a multitude of benefits such as:

High strength
Chemical resistant
Heat resistant
Tailor mechanical properties
High impact strength

moi's products are suitable for the use in a wide range of industries:


Thermoset composites are being specified for wings, fuselages, bulkheads, and other applications in commercial, civilian and military aerospace applications.
Automotive and Transportation

Composites are now being used in vehicle and equipment applications, including, panels, frames, interior components and other parts.

Thermosetting composites are used for external and internal prostheses thanks to their mechanical performances on weight ratio and chemical resistance.
Civil Infrastructure

Some composite infrastructure applications include buildings, roads, bridges and pilings.

Thermoset composites are replacing many traditional materials for home and offices architectural components including fixtures, doors, wall panels, roofing, window frames, moulding, vanity sinks, shower stalls and even swimming pools.
Oil and Gas

Composites are ideal for applications in corrosive environments, such as chemical processing plants, pulp and paper converting, oil and gas refineries and water treatment facilities. 

With strong dielectric properties including arc and track resistance, thermoset components include substation equipment, microwave antennas, standoffs and pole line hardware and printed wiring boards.

With their corrosion resistance and light-weighting attributes, marine composite applications include boat hulls, bulkheads and other components for military, commercial and recreational boats and ships.

From baseball and hockey to golf, tennis, and cycling, composites are widely used in sports equipments thanks to their performances.

Shorter lead times, the ability to produce complex geometries, and lower costs, enable the fabrication of numerous individual tools that support the assembly line, e.g. composites molds.
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