About moi

Moi is the first and only European tech start-up to offer a better, efficient, and more affordable way to 3D print on-demand, advanced composite objects.

Founded in Milano early 2018 as a spinoff of Politecnico di Milano University, moi merges best-class materials, software and hardware to competitively deliver and support optimized, digital manufacturing of advanced composite parts, perfect for small lot or tailor-made objects.
Advanced composite materials provide stronger, lightweight, heat/corrosion resistant products in demanding applications.

Moi’s patented technology, Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM), reduces variability and offers superior design flexibility with its unique robotics production. CFM uses smart fiber optimization algorithms to deposit material only where needed for less weight, no waste, and better cost and energy efficiency. It shortens lead times due to less parts, assembly, and logistics for greater customer value.

With technical and business expertise and over fifteen years of combined 3D printing experience, moi creates custom, high performance objects with ease and simplicity, shifting muscle power to brain power for improved, quality products that results in savings for both customers and the environment.

Moi serves a wide range of markets including medical, marine, industrial, aerospace, transportation, and energy. Thanks to its innovative technology and dedicated team of professionals, moi was recognized for international awards across several fields and obtained key partners in leading industries.

Moi provides people with the freedom to create unimaginable geometries in hyper performances, a ground-breaking way to redefine composite manufacturing.

PNI - Premio Nazionale Innovazione - Winners

Out of 797 companies, moi has been awarded as winner of the Italian National Innovation Prize and winner of the Industrial category.

Hello Tomorrow Top 500

moi qualified in the top 500 deeptech startups worldwide and will participate at the Hello Tomorrow global summit in Paris on 14-15 March 2019.

Startcup Lombardia

moi has won 2nd prize at Startcup Lombardia 2018 and qualified for the national finals of the Premio Nazionale Innovazione.

Compasso d'Oro Honourable Mention

Atropos won the honourable mention at the 2018 edition of Compasso d'Oro Award, the most prestigious Italian design Award.

Partnership with COMAU

James Dyson Award Runner-up

Atropos was named 2017 international runner up by James Dyson.

Partnership with Autodesk

In July 2017 we started a partnership with Autodesk to implement stress analysis and optimisation into the workflow. The first case study has been exhibited during Formnext 2017.

JEC Innovation Award Winners

Atropos: Smart Manufacturing of Continuous Fiber Composites, won the JEC Innovation Award 2017 in 3D Printing category, in collaboration with Owens Corning and KUKA.

Partnership with KUKA

On September 2016 we started a partnership with KUKA to liberate the deposition of fibers from the conventional planar sequence and explore a new method of placing and orienting fibers in the three-dimensional space employing custom algorithms with artificial intelligence.

3D printing continuous fiber hybrid composites

Partnership with Owens Corning

We work close with Owens Corning to find the best sizing and characteristics of continuous and short glass fibers and using them in our process.

3D printing continuous fiber composites patent deposition

Priority patent filed on November 17th 2015 "Apparatus and method for three-dimensional printing of continuous fibre composite materials" has been granted at Politecnico di Milano University on May 7th 2018.

Hello World!

The first object in the world has been realised with Additive Manufacturing and thermosetting continuous fiber fiber composite.

First tool


First continuous fiber hand made test